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social justice + mental health advocacy

anti-bias/antiracist educational resources

    The Doodlery Art is a traveling art education program that invites motivated parents, kids, + teachers to engage in diversity & inclusion focused art projects.

    We are guided by our deep commitment to equal & civil rights. We, therefore, design our events to be a fun, age-appropriate way of teaching about challenging but important topics; such as racial + gender equality, LGBTQI+ rights, and socioeconomic inclusion.

    We make sure our voice is not only approachable, but credible. We strive to help our students, parents, & educators feel equipped to become better allies for social justice, diversity, & equality.

NEW Family Resource! Becoming a Mindful Antiracist Family flashcard set. This beautifully illustrated set of 27 Anti-bias/Antiracist ABC flashcards are created by both Sheila Angha, a mixed-race licensed social worker and founder of The Doodlery Art, and Devon Meves, M.Ed, curriculum specialist and founder of U Ready Teddy? 

Each 4x6 card includes an alphabet letter and vocabulary word on one side and an approachable definition and thought-provoking reflection. These educational flashcards are perfect for mindful families or educators looking for developmentally appropriate resources  for their homes or classrooms.

This family resource was designed to spark engaging conversations about how racism and unconscious bias affect marginalized groups of people in every community. Mindfulness helps us navigate and understand the uncomfortable feelings that come up along the antiracist journey.

Sheila Angha (on-guh) (she/her) is a mixed race mental health social worker & small business owner. She's worked with marginalized groups of people dealing with societal stigma, complex trauma, & physical + mental health disorders. Her anti-bias/antiracist journey began long ago growing up in a former sundown town in Wisconsin. Sheila finds her peace through yoga, Buddhism, traveling, learning, nature, & self-reflection. She lives in the Greater Philadelphia area with her husband, two children & two dogs.

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