owner & Director

Hello & thanks for visiting!

The Doodlery Art is a dream come true for me. The studio first started in the back of my home and in May 2019 we moved into a lovely new studio in North Wales to serve more families in the community. 

Due to COVID, we closed the North Wales studio in April 2021. We transitioned to mobile events and now have an art bus to paint the outside of. Our next step is to switch business structures from a LLC to a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. 

To me, art is imperfect & messy. It's all about exploring new ways to create something unique & meaningful. There's no right or wrong way to make something beautiful. My goal is to offer kids engaging materials, different perspectives & the freedom to explore their innate creativity.

I have a Masters in Social Work and BA in Family Life Education. I've been a DIY kind of gal my whole life & am always creating something with my family. I've worked with kids of all ages & appreciate how curious & imaginative they are. 


I'm a mom of two & love to learn, read, cook, travel the world & make new friends.

I look forward to feeding imaginations & helping kids discover new possibilities in 

their creative process!