Sheila Angha (on-guh)

owner & Director

Hello & thanks for visiting!

I'm a mom of two & love to learn, read, cook, travel the world & make new friends.

The Doodlery Art is a dream come true for me. The studio first started in the back of my home and in May 2019 we moved into a lovely new studio in North Wales to serve more families in the community. 

To me, art is imperfect & messy. It's all about exploring new ways to create something unique & meaningful. There's no right or wrong way to make something beautiful. My goal is to offer kids engaging materials, different perspectives & the freedom to explore their innate creativity.

I have a Masters in Social Work and BA in Family Life Education. I've been a DIY kind of gal my whole life & am always creating something with my family. I've worked with kids of all ages & appreciate how curious & imaginative they are. 

I look forward to feeding imaginations & helping kids discover new possibilities in 

their creative process!