Our Method:
Process Art
DevelopmentAL SKILLS

Process Art is focused on the process of making, experimenting, & discovering, rather than the end product itself. 

With guidance, children independently explore new materials, techniques, & tools in an open-ended way that encourages critical thinking, problem-solving & creative learning. 

We are not a fine art studio. We just provide simple guidelines, rich materials & the space for our artists to create their 100% unique artwork.

Cognitive Skills

Children use critical thinking to plan, compare, problem solve & make predictions.

Social & Emotional Skills

Kids feel successful, can relax, express feelings & ideas through art & make new friends!

Motor Skills

Kids strengthen hands & develop fine motor skills by using tools like scissors, squeezing glue & drawing with pencils.

Language Skills

Kids may describe their creations, ask questions, name colors, count items & chat with pals.