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The Emotional Process of Slime

Slime. Yes, I am writing a post about slime. I love slime. It's really something special to do with both kids and grown ups and I'll tell you why.

You don't really know what to expect when it comes to making slime. You can follow a recipe, but it still could come out goopy or stringy. You can make your own recipe and it comes out perfect or is a complete disaster.

When you start making slime, it's fun and exciting pouring the ingredients into the bowl. Ingredients you're familiar with and probably have at home that you had no idea could be used together. At first, it's neat, clean and contained. The anticipation of it magically turning into slime is really exciting.

After mixing it for a few minutes, you look at it and wonder if it's ready. You say to yourself, yes, it's probably ready. You dump it out and start squishing it around. Then IT. GETS. EVERYWHERE.

It's super messy, gooey, gross, sticky and you wonder WHAT THE HECK DID I GET MYSELF INTO! This is where the panic sets in. You're saying to yourself, I HATE THIS! I need to wash my hands NOW. It's all over my clothes! Will it come out? Oh crap, it's in my hair. HELP ME!!!! WHAT AM I DOING? Get me out of this disaster!

At this point, you don't know what to do. Well, here's what you do: add a little more activator if it's too sticky, a little more glue if it's too stringy and chunky. Pull and stretch it super fast and the more you play with it the better it gets. This step starts to ease the anxiety. Although how can this be true after the disaster just happened

In a matter of minutes, the slime ball has now formed and is actually becoming fun. It's even CLEANING YOUR HANDS! It's even cleaning the workspace. Woah. Magical! Did you overreact earlier? No way, it's totally normal.

Once you add in air dry clay or food coloring, it becomes super soft, beautiful and relaxing. Very satisfying for the senses. It's the perfect way to calm down from all of the anxiety during the disaster process. After this, you can finally exhale. You are proud of yourself for going through this wide range of emotions. You did it. You made slime.

What I love best is watching the brave grandparents and parents help with the process (some grown ups will NOT come close to it and that's definitely understandable). Either they jump right in and laugh their way through, or they are desperate for help and the sink then laugh at the end. No matter how many times I make it, I seem to go through this same range of emotions.

Slime is a beautiful thing that really brings people together and this is why I love making it!

What's your go to slime recipe? Do you hate or love the stuff?


Range of Emotions Recap:

  1. Magical anticipatory excitement

  2. Doubt creeps on in

  3. Full on dumpster fire panic mode

  4. Solution has been found

  5. Breathing again & calming down

  6. Gaining back control

  7. Laughter and pride

  8. Possible exhaustion


My Favorite Slime Recipe:

  • 1 bowl

  • 1 spoon

  • 1 cup white or clear glue

  • 2 tbsp Tide Free and Clear (must be Free and Clear)

  • 1 small pack of air dry clay or a few drops of food coloring

  1. Mix glue and Tide together until a ball starts to form

  2. Pour mixture out and start pulling and stretching FAST

  3. If it's too sticky, add very small amounts of Tide to it until it's better

  4. If it's too clumpy, add more glue

  5. Pull and stretch until your ball has formed

  6. Add air dry clay (or food coloring) and smoosh it in until the ball has turned the color of the clay

  7. Store in an air tight container, it will last awhile!

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