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The Light Ahead

With over half of Americans adults vaccinated, the weight of the last year seems to be slowly lifting. Summer travel, beach trips, kids camps, get togethers with friends and all feels so much sweeter now since we missed out on everything last summer.

The last year has been devastating for so many families in our community. Frightening threats to health, loss of employment, hunger, lack of childcare and limited or no access to virtual school are just some of the issues that many families face and the effects of the pandemic have placed a larger burden on many families while exposing the disparities amongst people in our community.

I often felt helpless over the last year watching people close to me go through so much pain with losing loved ones to COVID, layoffs, unemployment and just overall sadness and uncertainty of what the future holds.

The question that has been continually running in my head over and over the last 14 months (well honestly, for most of my life) was how can I help? What can I do?

This is how the art bus came to life. I saw a way for me to pivot my business to offer access to art to a wider audience. To bring moments of joy to children & families who could use a creative outlet after such an awful year.

This summer seems like a fresh start for The Doodlery Art. I intend on reaching more people than I could with brick and mortar space. Even though we are just getting started, I've connected with so many people who want to help and be part of this project. I can't do this alone and the response from the community has been incredibly supportive and encouraging. I can't even imagine what it will be like once we start doing the actual work in more communities.

We all need a creative outlet, that's something well known. Making art accessible to families who can't afford regular art classes, sports, dance, or any extracurricular activities can give kids the chance to daydream and connect to their imaginations.

Connecting children to their creativity provides opportunities to build valuable life skills such as:

  • Self expression & communication

  • Experimenting with trial & error and taking safe risks

  • Building critical thinking & problem solving skills

  • Building confidence, resilience and age appropriate developmental skills

  • Practicing healthy stress management skills

With your help and support, we can make the lives of many kids a bit brighter. If this is something you can relate to, will you consider making a donation today? Any amount is important and needed! We've raised over $2000 so far which has been a HUGE help already.

You can learn all about our mission and goals here on our YouTube channel. Never in a million years did I think I would be making videos let alone starting a non profit art bus. It's something I've wanted to do most of my life and now seems to be the perfect time to jump in and make it happen.

With love & art,


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